Our meals are convenient, healthy and nutritious

Smart Meals is a family owned fresh meal supplier with an operational delivery service to the Sutherland Shire area. Our meals are filled with the freshest ingredients which are cooked to perfection. 

Prepared by professional chefs

Every day our in-house chef Lorenzo creates ready to eat delicious and nutritious meals. All meals are portion and calorie controlled, containing zero additives. All ingredients that make our meals are made on the day of deliveries. "No production lines at our kitchen", so excuse us if your carrots are not cut the same as last time you ate our meals !!!!! But always tasting better than last time guaranteed.

An italian father and daughter family owned business with your health at heart 

Our friendly approach makes us an integral part of the local community - you can trust on Smart Meals to deliver perfect meals on time, every time, we know great tasting food.

Save time, energy and money

Our meals are designed to fit in any budget. At just a fraction of the price of eating out, you can have a ready made meal at home when you need it. Kick your feet up and let us do the cooking for you. 

There is no more time waisting when you eat with us... 

Our meals are "ready when your ready" !!!