1. Where can I find the nutritional details? Click on the desired meal, below near the ingredients there is a heading “Details” 
  2. How long will my meals last for? Meals will last up to 7 days refrigerated  
  3. Can I freeze my meals? We recommend that you have your meals fresh as when frozen taste may vary when defrosted. 
  4. Where can I find the ingredients? Each meal will have the ingredients on the packaging and also on the website under the meal. 
  5. Will my meals look like the images I see on the website? Food will be very similar due to food being portend out for packaging and weight. 
  6. Will my meals taste the same each time? Meals may vary in taste as we do not production cook we cook fresh each delivery day. We are rustic. 


  1. How do I order? Brows our menu and simply add the meals to your cart you would like to have. We also have pre made meal packs. 
  2. Is there a minimum order? Minimum order is $60 
  3. Can I get the same order every week? YES you can simply fill out your details in our ‘SET AN FORGET” section and you will receive your meals every Tuesday with out you having to re put in your order. Or you can log into your account and go to recent orders and re place order. 
  4. Is there a lock in contract with SET and FORGET? No there is not you can cancel or change at any time. 
  5. How can I change what meals I would like in my order each week if I do SET and FORGET? Email our team by Sunday latest 8PM at and simply add in your name, email address, contact number and what meals you would like to change. 
  6. How do I choose my meals in the 7 and 10 Meal mixed boxes? You can let us know the meals you wish to receive or wish not to receive in the comments section near the check out. 
  7. When do I have to order by to get my delivery on Tuesday? For Tuesday delivery cut off is the Sunday before at 8PM. If you miss the cut off time don't worry please contact us and we can arrange so you can get your Smart Meals delivery. 


  1. How can I pay? We happily accept VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and Amex. 
  2. What happens if my payment declines? Our system will not process your order and you will get an email or notification saying payment unsuccessful please contact our friendly team if you need assistance alternative check that you have sufficient funds and try again. 


  1. When and what time should I expect to get my Smart Meals Delivery? Tuesday between 2pm and 7pm
  2. Do I need to be home to receive my delivery? No you do not with our packaging the meals will last cold up until 6 hours.
  3. How can I recycle my Box? You can leave it out for our team to collect when we deliver your next order. If you haven't placed an order you can contact us and we can arrange a time to come and collect your box.

Does this answer some of your questions? If not please contact our friendly team at